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Euphorbia decaryi small sized cuttings
Euphorbia decaryi small sized cuttings
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George Theodoris

Euphorbia decaryi small sized cuttings

Description: Madagascar is home to some fascinating succulent Euphorbia. Euphorbia decaryi is one of them. This clone is distinctive in having thicker stems, somewhat more of a branching growth habit and subtle white leaf spots. I am offering medium and small rooted cuttings. The first picture is a small sized cutting, the second picture is a larger cutting to show how they look when they are larger. These look very pretty planted in bonsai pots. 


The cultivation of these plants is basically identical to that of E.  francoisii:  For me these plants don’t do well outdoors and they don’t seem happy in the greenhouse either. I grow them in my home under LED and cool fluorescent lights and have some on our windowsills. The soil mix is similar to my haworthia mix (mostly pumice with some coir and a small amount of decomposed granite and slow-release fertilizer) but the proportion of coir I use is higher so the media retains moisture for longer than my haworthia mix. Water about once every 1 or 2 weeks, less often during the winter months.


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