New shipping policies:

Domestic shipping: We have recently been shipping plants in pots and this has been working out well. Our soil mix is optimized for good root growth and contains slow release fertilizer. The plants can stay in their pots for several years before needing transplanting. USPS has recently increased it's rates and this, combined with the increased weight of plants in pots, means we have had to increase shipping rates. I have set the domestic shipping to ship according to weight but this is the first sale since these changes have been made. If shipping charges are more than the shipping rate I will issue a refund for the difference. Please bare with us while we iron out the kinks in the ordering system.

International shipping: Future international shipping will be by DHL because we have had too many mishaps with USPS. I am currently setting this up but it will be a few weeks until it is in place. Going forward ALL international shipments will require a Phytosanitary certificate which increased in price this past year. The $75 Phytosanitary Certificate fee will be added at checkout.