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Haworthia splendens and picta are known for their distinctive window spots and beautiful pink and red tones. My Scarlet Begonias hybrids aim to amplify these characteristics. They've been carefully selected from crosses between standout specimens of H. splendens and H. picta. The first cross dates back to the turn of the century and hybrids from this cross helped jump-start the breeding programs of other breeders. Over the years I created new Scarlet Begonia hybrids (using splendens and picta lines different from the ones used in the original cross) and the best of the original and newer lines were crossed together.

Our sale will feature a variety of hybrids, including crosses of my best Scarlet Begonias hybrids with other unique hybrids I've developed. The goal is to combine the distinctive pink-red window spotting of the Scarlet Begonias hybrids with unique leaf shapes. The cover picture of this newsletter features one such plant, a hybrid from my PP318 hybrid series, which is a cross of a select Scarlet Begonias hybrid to one of my PP86 hybrids, which itself is (Black Lady X (enigma x (Scarlet Begonias x Pink Floyd))). This sale also features stunning plants from my PP317 hybrid series: Scarlet Begonias X (Black Lady X (enigma x (Bev’s wonder x wimii))). Also featured in the sale are hybrids showcasing my Green Stripe trait, bayeri hybrids, outlandish parksiana hybrids and other surprises.

Sale Details:

Start Date: Sunday March 31 at 7 PM PDT

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Breeding Haworthia is a labor of love, and your support has been instrumental in this journey. I am profoundly grateful for your continued enthusiasm and support.

Looking ahead, our next sale will feature Euphorbia francoisii. As they are nearing the limit for size when shipping potted, I'm considering sending them bare root and would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Someone once asked me about the inspiration behind naming one of my Haworthia hybrid lines 'Scarlet Begonias'. The reason is simple— It’s one of my favorite songs from San Francisco’s good ol’ Grateful Dead, whose soothing music, renegade spirit and creativity resonates with me. Check it out if you haven’t heard it.


🌺 Special End-of-Year Haworthia Sale! 🌺

To help you ring in the new year in style, we're happy to announce our Big End-of-Year Haworthia Sale! Plants shipped to colder climates will be shipped with heat packs (free of charge) which will help ensure the plants don't get too cold during transit.

This exclusive sale features:

7-year-old pure Haworthia splendens plants from various breeding lines. Currently displaying their winter white colors, these plants will blossom into stunning red and pink tones come spring and summer. The composite picture which opens this newsletter features close-ups of the leaves of these splendens plants and our emotional support creature Otto.

Stunning Hybrids including:

Densely pigmented groenewaldii x Kouka hybrids (PP413)

Hybrids from a cross of one of my best groenewaldii “Whale Shark” hybrid plants and the Gerhard Marx hybrid “Parthenon” (PP366)

Our newest hybrids, the number 500 lines, are crosses of the best of the previous hybrids. They are the best of the best.

Sale Details:

Start Date: December 26th 9 AM PST
End Date: January 2nd

Make your new resolution to surround yourself with more beautiful plants!


Haworthia Lovers' Special

7 high-quality Haworthia plants—all for an unbeatable price of $55. It's the perfect way to expand your Haworthia collection.

What's Inside:

5 Haworthia Hybrid plants
1 H. Splendens:
1 Tissue-Cultured (TC) Plant

All plants are shipped in seedling cell pots and are primed for transplantation into larger pots for further growth.

Otto, our official mascot and emotional support creature.